Additional Home Inspection Services

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Home Inspection, House Inspection, Home InspectorMaximize your real estate value with a Pre-Sale House Inspection. This type of inspection is done by the homeowner prior to the house being placed on the market. Prospective buyers usually have a house inspection performed prior to closing and will likely discover the same conditions. A Pre-Sale House Inspection will give you a chance to make improvements that will help your house SELL FAST. Just leave a copy of our inspection report on the counter and show the prospective buyers that your house has already been inspected.



Builders 1 Year Warranty Inspection

Home Inspection, House Inspection, Home Inspector


Don’t let the builder’s warranty expire without having the Builder’s Warranty Inspection performed. No need to spend your hard earned money on home repairs that your builder should take care of. It is recommended to have the inspection done in the 10th or 11th month giving you time to schedule the repairs with your builder before the warranty expires.



Periodic Maintenance Inspection

Home Inspection, House Inspection, Home Inspector


Fix small problems before they become major expensive ones. A Periodic House Inspection can help you do just that. This inspection is performed the same way as the House Inspection and will allow you to save money on home repairs.